jeudi 20 juillet 2017


Valerie Dore -- The Night (extended mix)
Koto -- Visitors (vocal remix)
Proof Of Energy -- Energy Tonight (dub)
Moses -- We Just (original 12")
Evada -- Ooh my love (sexy mix)
Miko Mission -- How Old Are You
Taffy -- I Love My Radio -- Midnight Radio (UK Mix)
Hot Cold -- Love Is Like A Game (extended)
Cruisin' Gang -- On The Beach Tonight
My Mine -- Zorro (original 12" vocal + instr)
Peter Jaques Band -- Going Dancing Down Street (maxi)
Alba -- Only Music Survives
Fancy -- Slice Me Nice
Ivan -- Fotonovella
Cyber People -- Void Vision
Vicio Latino -- Sabes Que Hora Es (ext)
Ryan Paris -- Dolce Vita
Camaros Gang -- Fuerza Major
Fun Fun -- Happy Station
Max Him -- Lady Fantasy
Aleph -- Fire On The Moon
Den Harrow -- Future Brain
Spagna -- Easy Lady
Scotch -- Disco Band
My Mine -- Hypnotic Tango
Fun Fun -- Colour My Love
Fun Fun -- Happy Station
Wish Key -- Last Summer
Cruisin' Gang -- On The Beach Tonight
Premio Nobel -- Baby Doll
Alba -- Only Music Survives
Swan -- Don't talk About It
Alan Berry -- Come On
Fabian Nesti -- Heigh Ho
Hazel Dean - They Say It's Gonna Rain (sample)
Peter Jaques Band -- This Night
Peter Jaques Band -- Drives Me Crazy
Sandy Marton -- People From Ibiza
Ken Laszlo -- Tonight (remix)
Hazell Dean -- They Say It's Gonna Rain
Sabrina -- Boys (summertime love)
Off -- Electra Salsa
Koto -- Jabdah (extended)
Mirage -- No More, No War
Fancy -- Come Inside (7")
Torrevado -- Living In The Shuttle
Sabrina -- Boys (summertime love)
Off -- Electric Salsa
Silver Pozolli -- Step By Step


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